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Enjoy the surroundings Champlon – Luxembourg

In the vicinity of our hotel and of Champlon you can do a lot of activities to enjoy you alone or in groups.

The Belgian Ardennes-Luxembourgoise

The Ardennes, geographical and historical part of the Massif Rijnland Schist. The massif extends to the west in the Massif des Hautes Fagnes (north-east of Wallonia in Belgium and in the border areas of Germany) to the Ardennes massif, which accounts for the bulk of South coverage in Wallonia (Belgium), North -Ardennes (North-East of France) and the natural region of Oesling (northwestern third of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and more south through the massive Hunsrück (between the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland states in Germany).

It is the “green lung” of Belgium. Its forests, natural areas and rivers are the main places for lovers of ecology, nature, flora and fauna. What’s surprising is that in so few kilometers such a wide variety of sports type activities are available to the visitors. A paradise for hikers, nature photographers and many outdoor sports (kayaking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, etc.)

Champlon (“Tchimpion” in Wallonia) is part of the Belgian city of Tenneville located in the Walloon Region in the province of Luxembourg.

Champlon is a city in the province of Luxembourg since 1839. It used to be part of the department of Samber and Meuse.

It was founded in the framework of French rule by the meeting of Champlon Journal.
There is a terrain for the ski hut. Snow, there are only a few days a year. In Champlon there is also a cross-country ski run, a football club, a dance club and a badminton club. Champlon also boasts a brand new sports center located on the road leading to Tenneville.

The Barrier of Champlon is a place near the village of Champlon, in the Belgian city of Tenneville, in the Walloon region of Luxembourg. It is at the crossroads of the N89 (between La Roche-en-Ardenne St-Hubert) and N4 (between Bastogne and Marche-en-Famenne) and rises to 475 meters.

The barrier name refers to an old barrier of the past.

The Ardennes is also an important area of ​​tourism history and memory in Wallonia. Indeed, you will find many traces of the war 14-18 and the Battle of the Ardennes was the last confrontation of the Second World War in Belgium.

Many memorials, cemeteries and museums devoted to the two world wars can be visited in cities such as Bastogne, La Roche, Sankt Vith, Aarlen and Neufchâteau.

Easily accessible, hospitable and warm, natural and inexpensive, such as fitness can take several times a year. So if you want peace, to forget about the stress, or need to refresh sport, in the fresh air, the Ardennes is the destination for you.
Abbey: Clairefontaine (ruins) · Our Lady of Clairefontaine · Notre Dame d’Orval Hurtebise · · St. Hubert

Castles (full list): Bouillon Biourge · · · CLEMARAIS Grune Hargimont · · · Herbeumont Jemeppe Laclaireau · · · La Roche Diamond Messancy · · · Mirwart Montquintin · Pont d’Oye Porcheresse · · · Signeulx Waha

Churches and Churches of Saint-Hubert Basilica · Saint-Donat Church (Arlon) · Saint-Firmin Church (Rochehaut) · St. Martin Church (Arlon) · St. Peter Church (Bastogne) · Wachet Hermitage (St. Léger) · Synagogue Arlon

Landmarks: Mardasson (Bastogne) · Tontelange-Metzert

Fourthau Saint Michel (Saint-Hubert) · Archeological Museum (Arlon) · Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes (La Roche and Ardenne) · Museum of the Celts (Libramont) · Museum of the Hunters Ardennes (Marche-en- Famenne) · Museum Bell and Chimes (Tellin) · At the heart of the slate (Bertrix) · Ducal Museum (Bouillon) · Museum of Franken and Famenne (Marche-en-Famenne) · Museum and Metallurgy (Athus) · Museum printed Redu) · Museum Gaspar (Arlon) · Museum Megalites of Wéris (Durbuy) · Piconrue Museum (Bastogne) · Shoe Museum (Porcheresse) · Firemen Museum (Athus). Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean

Folklore: Arlon Carnival · Point of quality of the Bayard Bay · Maitrank Festival · Legend of Saint-Hubert · · Macrale Nuton

Archaeological sites: Megalites Wéris Megalith · Laviot (Bouillon) · Montauban (Buzenol) · Orolaunum (Roman city) · Gallo-Roman villa Mageroy (Habay-la-Vieille)

Nature sights: Arboretum Woods Arboretum Bouillon Collignon Arboretum Arboretum Chiny Robert Lenoir Chasm Belvaux · · · Hotton Caves Nature Park Houffalize · Attert Valley Nature Park · Upper Sure Nature Park Forest Anlier · Rock Hero · Giant’s Tomb.

Featured Villages of Wallonia: Ny Nobressart · · · Sohier Torgny · Wéris

Property portfolio protected by the Walloon Region: exceptional and great Lorraine Gaume

Leisure parks
: Euro Space Center (Redu) · Labyrinth of Barvaux (Durbuy) · Durbuy Adventure (Durbuy) · Houtopia (Houffalize)

Touristic route: Tourist Aisne Tramway · Trams Vicinale Wellin · Trams Vicinale Poix

Tourist attractions: Luxembourg (classified by UNESCO) · Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg ·

Religious buildings :Grand Ducal Palace

Castles and Bourscheid : Colmar-Berg · Esch-sur-Sûre · Thüngen Larochette


Eat: Borquin Saint-Hubert Ardennes Ham · · · Goat cheese Orval Ozo · · Pie Plate Gaume Florenville · Tourteline (Wellin) · Bouneschlupp (Land of Arlon)

Drink: Beer Chouffe · · Maitrank Orval · Beer St. Monon

Events:Street Arts: International festival of street art in Chassepierre · TILLEULERIES (Nassogne)

Music: Durbuy Rock Festival Jazz & Blues · · LaSemo Gouvy (Hotton)

Divers:Libramont Agricultural Fair · Book Fair Redu

Natural Regions: Gutland Oesling · · · Small Switzerland Terres Rouges

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